Ehein-AION Y The 2024 Plus 510 smart drive version




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The appearance of the new car has not changed, maintaining a young and fashionable style, the front face adopts a closed design, and the headlight group has a number of “one” shaped light strips, creating a dynamic visual effect. The lower air intake is smaller, making the front look more rounded. In the rear section, the through-through taillights and the silver rear surround decoration increase the recognition of the rear. In terms of body size, the 2023 AION Y has a length, width and height of 4535/1870/1650 (1756) mm, and a wheelbase of 2750 mm.

In terms of interior, the 2023 AION Y is equipped with a floating dashboard and center control screen, which adopts the design of the shield. The new 510 smart driving version and 610 smart driving version add ventilation, heating and memory functions of the main driver seat, memory function of the external rearview mirror, electric adjustment function of the passenger seat, auxiliary driving function of L2 level, heating and fog removal function of the rear wind window on the basis of the smart collar version. The Shiono version also adds the function of an electric rear door, and some models cancel the configuration of the comfort package.

In terms of power, the 2023 AION Y Younger and AION Y Younger Starshine models have a maximum power of 100 kW, a battery pack capacity of 51.9 KWH, and a range of 430 kilometers under comprehensive conditions. The other models have a maximum electric motor power of 150 kW, and the 510 Series and Chaoo version have a battery pack capacity of 61.7/61.1 KWH, with a combined range of 510 km. The 610 Series model has a battery pack capacity of 69.98/68.2 KWH and a combined range of 610 km.

Weight 1685 kg
Dimensions 4535 × 1870 × 1650 cm


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